Susan wants to share her IT skills with Girls at the STEM camp

Hi, my name is Susan.
I am a Peace Corps Volunteer working in Moldova.

I came to Moldova to see, listen, and work with the locals to determine their wants, needs and desires of the community and then work with the locals to address and resolve some of their requests. Depending on the Moldovan community’s wishes; I hoped that I would be able to share my IT skills with the locals to make their day to day lives easier and improve their job skills.

I hope to be an inspiration to Moldovans and open their minds to the possibilities the world has to offer. Just because someone in your past has said you cannot do something because you are a girl does not make that true or right. I am proof that anything is possible with hard work and determination. In elementary school, I was told I would never achieve anything but get married and have babies by my teachers even though I was one of the top students in my math and computer classes. I overlooked those comments and went on to get a degree in Computer Science.

GirlsGoIT STEM Summer camp is allowing me an opportunity to fulfill my dream to share my IT skills and passion to work in this dynamic industry.

I see the youth as the future. This camp gives the campers hands-on experience to unique IT skills that may inspire them to decide to pursue a degree and or job opportunities in the IT industry in the future. When I started working in the IT industry over 20 years ago, it was 99% males in the workforce in America; this has changed slowly. I would like everyone to believe in their dreams and pursue them; whatever those dreams may be.