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From Robotics
to Lead Vocalist with "GalaxyOwners"
Rock Band

My name is Sveta, I'm 16 years old and I live in Chisinau. I have a lot of hobbies like singing, dancing, drawing from time to time. I was a member of the Organization "CMTC" where I improve my communication skills.

When I heard about Rocketele summer music camp for girls and it is connected with music, I was pretty surprised and I said to myself Certainly, i need to apply for this project, I had a big desire of participating there and It became true

It was an amazing experience, that the summer school was organized for the first time in Chisinau, inspired from a swedish concept "Popkollo" based on the principle "Girls for Girls".

For 6 days, I had to form a band and make up my own song.As a vocalist ,it was up to me to mentain the happiness in our band,and the girls from my band named"GalaxyOwners" were playing at the piano, bass-guitar and drums.They are the same age as me and are so talented, we never had misunderstandings ...the music united us.

The last day of the music camp was amazing, we had to present the final work "our song". Even if I was a little bit afraid, I knew that we achieved our goal, I can't express how proud I felt about our work, that wasn't as easy as we thought. Our leaders inspired me and encourage the most, they were so positive and open-mind. Also, an interesting part of this school were the workshops, we gained knowledge of teamwork, how to make your own song and I learnt the development stages of music band "only for girls".

This summer school "Rocketele" gave me self-confidence, it was for me a sure step to the universe of music!

Sveta also participated in GirlsGoIT Summer STEM program. She learnt how to interact with Robots with her friends.