GirlsGoIT at RockIT Education in Digital Era Panel

RockIT Digital Conference hosted GirlsGoIT, Technovation, RockIT Academy, and Impact Academies & Camps and on Education in Digital Era panel discussion. During the session, the panel group shared how digital and technology have impacted in education, and in Moldova what are the current programs using online-offline digital platforms and access to educate young people and especially women and girls.

Abayomi Ogundipe, representative of TEKEDU/GirlsGoIT shared why it is essentially important to connect women and girls to the future of work:

"There are signs that autonomous technology, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are mostly going to make people jobless as the fourth industrial revolution emerges

GirlsGoIT is not just a program, but a vision for and with Moldova! Driven by a value-based network of stakeholders that shares the vision"