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GirlsGoIT Autumn Tech Bootcamp Started in 12 Regions

60 girls will benefit in the web development workshop in their regions. GirlsGoIT Autumn program will run for 5 weeks in 12 regions. Ambassadors and newly recruited girls will be invited to receive their certificate at Annual Forum on the 23rd of November.

We are also excited that GirlsGoIT has expanded to Dubasari (right bank) this autumn. This means that young women in Dubasari region will have access and equal opportunities in learning 21st century digital skills which are part of the growing demand of the labour market and the future of jobs.

Maria Sirghi, one of the new members recruited to participate in the first bootcamp in Dubasari

"Each web page accessed had something that attracted my interest. And not once did I ask myself: How are these sites made? But here I was able to join the GirlsGoIT project and "feel on my skin" how to make a web page. In the first lesson, I became familiar with the main elements of the Internet, the way in which it was used and I made the sketch of my own site. We have very beautiful impressions and I hope that in the future we will have equally merry and interesting lessons"
- Maria Sîrghi, Member of GirlsGoIT in Dubasari

GirlsGoIT main process of establishing a local club in the regions is through the STEM Summer camp. Girls from Dubasari participated in the STEM Summer camp as a new in-take and we have pledged to support the girls morally to start growing a community of STEM Ambassadors in Dubasari. Another process of establishing a club in the regions is through cooperation with the youth centre and high-school directors and or Informatics teacher.

In Rezina, Valeria, age 16, newly recruited ambassador of GirlsGoIT in Rezina mentioned

“Being my first day participating in GirlsGoIT in Rezina Web development workshop, i have learnt many new things and acquired new knowledge, i am looking forward to the rest of the workshop"

Ambassadors of GirlsGoIT were mentoring newly recruited ambassadors in Web development. We are excited that the vision of GirlsGoIT is gradually bearing fruits off from the last years’ experience. “We want to build generations of ambassadors every year that will eventually lead workshops training suitable and aligned with courses from the Technical University and the labour market in digital-skills.

GirlsGoIT local club in Hincesti, recruited 13 new ambassadors and for their first time, they are learning how to code for the first time. Below is the short video clip.

In Comrat

In Chisinau

In Soroca

In Ungheni

In Salcuta

GirlsGoIT Autumn program will run for 5 weeks in 12 regions, every Saturday and Sunday. 28th and 29th of October and it will end on the 25th and 26th of November. Graduation and Award will be given to Ambassadors at the 2017 Annual Forum on the 23rd of November.

GirlsGoIT Autumn bootcamp program for 5 weeks is supported by UN Women, Embassy of Sweden, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Google RISE Awards, Spark Research Labs and TEKEDU.

The Embassy of Lithuania and The Lithuanian Development Cooperation is our new partner and have financially contributed to the empowerment of young women in Moldova through technologies and establishment of complementary education opportunities in the regions through GirlsGoIT program. We are grateful for the support of the Lithuanian Government.