Google RISE Awards Supports GirlsGoIT STEM Summer Camp

"Our global economy is shifting and computer science is becoming an essential skill that leads to economic and social mobility. It is a tool to solve problems and generate solutions in ways we can’t even imagine today, and can lead to rewarding jobs and the creation of new companies. Yet the supply of computer scientists is not keeping pace with demand, and access to computer science education for youth, including the economic opportunities it provides, is not equitable. 

We believe in making education equally possible for everyone, particularly girls and underrepresented students, and support organizations that share this passion such as TEKEDU through the Google RISE program.

We carefully selected RISE recipients through a rigorous application process to find transformational, replicable and scalable programs providing enrichment in STEM and CS for students, and TEKEDU’s GirlsGoIT program is part of this global, collective effort that will reach tens of thousands of students this year."

The Google RISE Awards supports informal education organizations around the world that promote computer science for K-12/pre-university age youth. The program emphasizes participation from girls, youth in low-income communities, and minorities who have historically been underrepresented in the field of computer science. Since 2010, the Google RISE Awards have contributed $5 million dollars to over 200 organizations across 45 countries reaching 1 million students and educators.