Inspiring Stories With and For Women in Technology

Come and spend your time hearing the true-stories of brave people on the perspective of change with and for women in technology!

The 2017 Moldova ICT Summit edition which will take place at Tekwill, on the 30th of March at 16:30, will host Ana Cucos, Alvetina Nenita, Anastasia Sersun, Irina Revin, Mihaela Tcaci and Alex Arnaut to share their journeyed experience with and for women in technology.

Their story is genuinely diverse! To some people, it could be a life-changing stories heard that could change their perspectives, to others, it can be perceived as bravery of young diverse individuals taking responsive leadership!

This stories are shaped around education and employment from the perspectives of young and diverse individuals. Now let’s learn a bit about them: 

 Ana Cucos
Ana is an Ambassador of GirlsGoIT from 2016. She started a GirlsGoIT local club in Salcuta when she was in high-school with the goal to offer young people the chance to get to know the opportunities of IT sector, opportunities which Ana accessed when she participated in the first GirlsGoIT Summer Camp in 2015. Currently, Ana is a student at the Technical University of Moldova, the faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics.

Alvetina NenitaI am 21 years old and I am a last year student in the Technical University of Moldova at the faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics. Currently I am involved as young engineer at European Roma Radio "Patrin" from Chisinau. I am also a member of the Roma Women Platform from Moldova, "Romni" organization were I successfully represent Roma women. Asides that, I am also a member of the NGOs “Roma Awareness” and “RomaVersitas”. I can say that I am a multilateral person and I support women in politics, women in IT and in engineering. I am a promoter of human rights and gender equality

Anastasia SersunAnastasia is currently working at Code Factory as a Software Developer and a lecture assistant at the Technical University Moldova (UTM).
Anastasia graduated from Moldova State University 2 years ago, and started to work as Java developer. Anastasia decided to further her education by obtaining a Master’s degree in Computer Science plus having additional courses on psycho-pedagogy to be able to deliver courses in the university. Now, Anastasia shares her knowledge by lecturing third-year student at the Technical University Moldova (UTM) and try to prepare them for the working environment that current IT business requires.

Alex Arnaut Alex is the country manager of FFW Agency, an IT company focused on creating digital experience platforms that ensure our clients’ success, always moving forward at the speed of digital innovation.

Alex had a perspective when he met Daniela and Valeria, ambassadors of GirlsGoIT in Stefan-Voda, he was impressed by the enthusiasm of the girls during the annual forum of GirlsGoIT in Comrat in 2016, which led him offered an internship to Daniel and Valeria in FFW Agency.

Mihaela TcaciMihaela is a member of GirlsGoIT Salcuta local club and student at the Technical University of Moldova, IT faculty, French section.
"I chose an IT career after participating at GirlsGoIT Bootcamp program which influenced my decision a lot. I love design, architecture and generally creating something innovative that is why I chose to do web design. I plan my life so that I always do what I love."

2017 marks the third year Moldova ICT Summit hosted GirlsGoIT and other programs accelerating young women in technology such as Technovation Challenge. It started in 2015, when GirlsGoIT launched the manifesto platform to leverage technology for women economic empowerment by UN Women, Embassy of Sweden, USAID, eGovernment Center, IREX/Novateca, ATIC and TEKEDU, Ministry of Family Protections.

Moldova ICT Summit is the largest technology summit event in Moldova, under the patronage of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), organised by Moldova Association of Private ICT companies (ATIC) and hosted by Tekwill