Lorena Perspective: I wish to have a job in IT

Hi! My name is Lorena Budoian,
I'm 11th grade student at Liceul Teoretic Mihail Sadoveanu in Calarasi

GirlsGoIT spring workshop fits perfectly my experience and abilities. I wish to have a job in IT and this project offers me the opportunity to develop myself in this field. GirlsGoIT proved its relevance in Moldova and abroad and managed to break some of the issues and stereotypes according to which “IT is not for girls”.

During GirlsGoIT Spring Bootcamp program I learned Bootstrap, notions of HTML and CSS and I learned how to organize codes so that others can also read them. This project opened new doors through which I can start my own projects and encouraged me to dedicate more attention and energy to my professional development. Here is the website I developed during the program.

Lorena is an ambassador of GirlsGoIT in Calarasi, she learnt how to code and developed her on website.

You can view the project gallery of different web applications developed by ambassadors during the 4-week spring bootcamp in 10 regions in Moldova.