Stefania is Between Choosing Accounting or IT as a Career

Hi! My name is Stefania Ciutac
...and i am from Magdacesti

“I had a passion for IT since I was in the 9th grade. At that time, I was in an environment of people who were doing IT and were talking all the time about it. Unfortunately, then I didn’t receive the needed support to start learning IT. Some years later, I found the GirlsGoIT Facebook page and I came up with the idea to organize an information session about IT in my school. On a long run, I want to create a local chapter in my hometown - Magdacesti. Meanwhile I applied to GirlsGoIT Spring Bootcamp.”

"I want to learn something new during the project. In 12th grade we will study HTML in our informatics classes and I want to be ready. I would like to study Java. But the most important thing, I want to decide whether I will study IT or Accounting and Financial Auditing at the university. I think that this kind of projects can help you decide what you really want. I recommend to all the girls who don’t know yet what faculty to choose, to try things and to apply to such projects as GirlsGoIT."

From Stefania perspective to girls, it is important to enroll into programs before deciding what faculty to choose. GirlsGoIT team will support Stefania in establishing a local club in Magdacesti, to help her reach to many girls in her town.