Building Future Ambassadors in and through technology
3D Printing // Robotics // Web App
21-30, July

Engaging Future STEM Ambassadors

we want to equip selected 65 girls from 13 regions to acquire
"Future of Work and Job" skills
and lead Science, Engineering and Technology in their communities 

Our STEM Camp is Packed with
10 Days Experiential and Engineering Learning

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    Project-Based Learning & Team Building Activities

    Learn how to work in a team, as a planner and organiser and build awesome projects for your community

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    Science, Engineering & Technology Workshops

    Making science, technology and engineering easier and accessible! We want to bring the awesomeness of 3D Printing, Robotics and the development of Web Application

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    Become a
    STEM Ambassador

    Become a mentor to your peers by leading GirlsGoIT in your schools and community

Apply for GirlsGoIT STEM Camp and Become a STEM Ambassador for your Community

To be selected for the 10 days summer STEM camp, read the eligibility criteria by clicking "apply" below


Summer STEM Camp
Workshop Partners

We are working with Technical University Moldova and Atelier 99
in designing a re-usable curriculum and agenda for an enriching STEM camp experience

Visit our curriculum and camp agenda to know
what we have to enrich your experience for 10 days

Curriculum Camp agenda

From 2016 Summer Camp

Photo Gallery of
2016 and 2015 Summer Camps

Summer STEM Camp Partners

We are grateful for the unprecedented support of our partners and sponsors