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EVA will support
Girls Confidence to Pursue Robotics Studies

On the 19th of September, GirlsGoIT partners presented Eva, the first girl-humainoid-robot in Moldova which will boost confidence measures for girls to pursue Robotics and Mechatronics studies at the Technical University Moldova (UTM). 19 media repesentatives was present at the press conference.

The press conference was hosted at the Technical University Moldova (UTM) with the Prof. Viorel Bostan, Rector of Technical University Moldova, Viorica Sudacevschi, UTM, Natalia Cernat from Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Mihaela Iurascu, President TEKEDU

We have been colaborating with GirlsGoIT for several years now and we consider this collaboration very important for us. Robotics is a very important STEM field and this year we launched a new faculty of robotics and mecatronics, we will keep supporting initiatives which promote robotics to young people and especially girls.
This summer, we were partners of the Summer STEM Camp and we were happy to provide our knowledge on robotics for the robotics curriculum. We would also like to thank GirlsGoIT and SDC for making this collaboration possible.

Prof. Viorel Bostan, Rector Technical University Moldova (UTM)
At Swiss Development Cooperation, we believe availability of modern technologies and equipment is very important but not sufficient to encourage young girls and women to pursue career in technologies. Relevant stakeholders need to come together to make things happen. Educational institutions, private IT companies and civil society, local comunities have all a very important role. We consider GirlsGoIT an ice breaker, the program managed to generate success stories and practices, which inspires other girls to follow their dreams and pursue STEM studies.

Natalia Cernat, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
We would like to thank GirlsGoIT and SDC for launching this collaboration. From today, this collaboration will boost the research and new projects on robotics for the students of UTM. We also believe that more girls will pursue studies at UTM, girls who now are part of GirlsGoIT program.

Viorica Sudacevschi, Technical University Moldova (UTM

Since the public announcement, Eva is now under the care of the Technical University for the purpose of confidence measures for girls to pursue Robotics and mecatronics and research purposes at Technical University. This effort to increase more women in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is aligned with the 4E Strategy (Education, Entrepreneurship and Equality) for young women access in and through technology.

Eva was made possible with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Eva was named by girls at the STEM Summer camp in July, which lasted for 10-day in Chisinau, where 15 girls interacted with Eva for the first time and programmed Eva to communicate and dance.