They thought I would choose an easier faculty, something more suitable, something “for girls”

This was probably on of the most memorable quote of the event, and in the same time a phrase that reveals the hidden causes of a lost opportunity. The title is an excerpt from the experience sharing session we had during this years ICT Summit. This time, we had Ana CUCOS, Alvetina NENITA, Mihaela TCACI from GirlsGoIT and Anastasia SERSUN currently a lecturer at the Technical University Moldova (UTM) and has a software developer at Code Factory and Alex ARNAUT, country manager FFW Agency who are positive champions with and for women in technology shared their insightful journey and decision to pursue STEM subjects and choose technology has a career. The discussion was facilitated by Corneliu EFTODI, Programme manager, UN Women Moldova UN Women and opened a lot of new perspectives regarding women involvement in ICT! But let’s see some of the key insights from the session:

Alvetina NENITA I chose this faculty [Computer, Informatics and Microelectronics] spontaneously and without consulting my family. They thought I would choose an easier faculty, something more suitable, something “for girls”. When my father fined out, he asked me:
“Will you manage it?“. At some point, he even told me: “If you will not manage it, don’t bother, we will still marry you, everything will be fine“. I felt the same attitude from the boys from my community but also from some of my colleagues. But they latter admitted – I can manage it! Now, I am a 3rd year student at UTM and engineer at a radio station. Now I am thinking about politics, since I am a multilaterally developed person.

 Anastasia SERSUN I am a software developer at Code Factory. Also, I opted to teach at the university to provide students with more practical expertise. My mother also studied ICT, this is why, it was an easy option for me. I was fully supported by my parents.

 Alex ARNAUT I have four sisters, and in my family, it was the same old thing – domains for boys and domains for girls. Now, at the job, we want to promote women at a different level. We see a lot of talent in Moldova that has yet to be discovered and we would like to have diversity of opinions in the IT sector.

Moldova ICT Summit is the largest technology summit event in Moldova, under the patronage of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), organised by Moldova Association of Private ICT companies (ATIC) and hosted by Tekwill.