2018 Annual Forum ● Get Involved


Join the Annual Forum working team as a Volunteer

#GGITForum18 is the 4th Annual Forum Series event. We are expecting around 500+ attendance. This require preparations before and during the forum event. This is why we seek pro-active volunteers, with previous experience in event such as #GGITForum18.

The first pre-requisite to be considered for a volunteer position for the 4th Annual Forum Series is to speak basic English.

3 Volunteer positions available are. The deadline for application is October 31. Selected Volunteers will be announced on the November 4.

Delegate Service Volunteer is a position responsible for delegates welfare. This means you and your team will be responsible to welcome delegates, hand them their welcome package and walk them to their sits in the forum plenary room. We are looking for 15 volunteers for this role.

Logistics Service Volunteer is a position responsible for managing the forum’s materials and items required to run a smooth forum. This includes coordinating with the venue about internet access, collection and pick-up of forum folders from printing company

Forum Speakers Coordinator is a position responsible for managing speaker’s agenda. This means you will communicate with all speakers of the event, hand them their speakers tag and forum welcome package and ensure you help them track their speaking time at the forum. The forum speaker manager will also be responsible for the introducing the next session and inviting speakers to the stage. This position requires that person to have good public speaking skills