GirlsGoIT gives you a chance to be cooler knowing IT

April 28, 2018

Hi! My name is Victoria and I'm from the village of Horodi┼čte, Calarasi district. I'm a student at TUM, specialty Information Technologies.

My first touch with this field took place in 2015 at the first workshop organized by GirlsGoIT in Moldova. Since then I have been able to participate in several activities such as workshops, bootcamps, promotion events, but also in the summer camp for two consecutive years. I had the opportunity to learn Web Programming (Front-end and Back-end), 3D Printing, but also to get to know the robot Eva.

I have to admit that GirlsGoIT is an exceptional project because this tends not only to get acquainted with what the IT field does, but more to create a vision of it. This vision inspires me, and it has led me to become one of the GirlsGoIT Ambassadors during the high school years, having the mission to promote this vision at the local level for girls in Calarasi.

I greatly appreciate this initiative of involving as many girls as I believe that we can escape the stereotypes present in society and feel gender equality as soon as possible, both in choosing the profession and in employment and in life.

“I wish a lot of success to all the girls who want to follow this field and I want to say that no matter what the consequences and the difficulties they are going through during their studies (because surprisingly this field requires a lot of knowledge in physics, mechanics, advanced/special mathematics) this area deserves our attention and endeavor.”