Technologies offer many opportunities

April 21, 2018

On the 19th of April, Tekwill Center hosted the first Tech Women Commnunity meeting where the girls said aloud "Hello World". The conference gathered dozens of youngsters, eager to get to know more about IT and break the gender-related stereotypes in modern technologies.

It's a great opportunity, all the more so as the girls associate with qualities such as talent, diversity, the desire to know something new and cultural wealth. And these four are the main trends in the information technology industry.

The event aimed to encourage girls in modern technologies, suggesting new ideas, proposals, projects that could be implemented to stimulate young ladies in the information sciences.

There were women in the field who shared their own experience.

“Technologies offer many opportunities. Girls can do IT, and these ideas that they cannot opt for a career in IT should be deleted and forgotten. These gender limits must disappear. Testing needs a lot of creativity, it's a way of spending time”

said Mariana Catruc, lecturer TUM.
“It's an interesting field. At first, when everything is unknown, yes, it is that fear, but then after trying, everything becomes more accessible”

said Sanda Ghenghea, QA consultant.
“When you are passionate about something, you have the will and want to achieve your goal, nothing can prevent you from saying “ yes” to a new challenge. Permanently I encourage girls to choose IT. In the Republic of Moldova it is an area that is constantly evolving, being promoted through different platforms, projects. However, I would like to see more entrepreneurship in IT”

said Elena Putina, coordinator of Technovation Challenge Moldova.