Engineer creates the future

April 6, 2018

"I am a future engineer" opened his doors on April 5th, an event organized by the Engineering Student League. The community aims to encourage, motivate and develop students in engineering, and yesterday, the directions for defining the female engineer were examined in more detail, encouraging them to aspire as far as possible.

Special guests were present at the meeting. They expressed their thoughts and encouraged the participants.

“Engineer creates the future. And the fact that the members of the League of Engineering Students carry this passion forward and share it with others is a noble but also a difficult task. The League is a building that you have consolidated and that needs to be sustainable, so keep going. It's a great idea. Be beautiful and enduring”

said Valentin Amariei, pro-rector of TUM.
“Absolutely it still has the engineering aspect. Engineering requires perseverance, patience, flexibility, and qualities that women have. An IT woman must be confident and know what she wants. Any question has an answer, and whoever looks for it finds it, with as many questions as possible, the more answers are provided. One drop breaks the ice”

said Lilia Bolocan, AGEPI director.
“The event is related to the Engineering League, where we have worked for a long time with a team of girls, and after we managed to get the point on it, then we decided to inform the girls that there is this platform and start working on our own. We have permanent TUM support, they encourage and support us”

said Lilisaid Diana Artiom, organizer of the event.

The meeting was accompanied by a practical workshop, which took place after the discussion session, during which the girls expressed their point of view, developing certain ideas and plans for stimulating the students at the faculties of TUM.

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