IT is an ever-developing field

March 16, 2018

Hi! My name is Tatiana, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Stefanesti, Floresti. I’m a 1st year student at the Technical University of Moldova, faculty Applied Informatics. I choose this faculty because i like everything connected with the IT field. Besides this, I gave myself a chance to choose a completely new field for me, but also to convince me that I can do much more.

I have been a volunteer at several NGOs, such as Education is a Soft (EduSoft) Ro, Technovation Challenge World Pitch, European Youth Parliament for Water. Participating in various projects and competitions such as GirlsGoIt, EduSoft, Technovation Challenge gave me a huge motivation to always try something new. I participated in the first edition of the GirlsGoIT Summer camp in 2015. The programming languages I learned at this Summer camp helped me find out which profession to choose. Although at first it was difficult, the mentors took care to be as clear as possible.

If I were a mentor at GirlsGoIt Summer camp, I would share the lessons learned with the participants who are just beginning to discover this exciting, ever-developing and useful area in the future.

I like to paint, to play the guitar, to study the German language, to compose poems.

“From my own experience, the IT field is difficult in the beginning, when you are still confused about what any written code would mean or how it should be written correctly. Trying day by day, you understand that in fact any program has a logic algorithm and knowing this algorithm, you can create the program easily and quickly. You should have a strong motivation to know that you want, to trust your own strengths, so you can entitle "the best".”