GirlsGoIT offers new opportunities

March 6, 2018

My name is Mihaela, I’m 19 and I’m from Salcuta, Causeni. I’m a student at the Technical University of Moldova, specialty Information Technologies, the language of instruction is French.

In high school I attended music, painting, theater, design classes. One of these careers I should have had. I participated in GirlsGoIT 2016, where I found out what IT is and how many opportunities it offers, this totally changed my decision. I've had mentors who have guided us step by step to understand and create something useful. Further studying this area I realised that I was obsessed with discovering new things.

Being volunteer at the Student Association BEST, I was encouraged and I spent here the most beautiful student moments.

“I want all girls from Moldova to know how important IT is. Maybe girls are not better at IT as boys, but we are the ones that come up with new ideas with the intention of creating. It's not hard, just you need to have an interest and really like what you're doing. If you participate, you'll see it.”