Elizabet and her team are making personalized educational comics for kids

May 2, 2018

Meet The Comics Team


(left to right) Eduard Medinschii (fullstack developer), Eugen-Catalin Chiseliov (fullstack developer), Elizabet Galaju (project manager), Nelu Cebotari (designer).

My name is Elizabet, I’m from Chisinau and I’m 18 years old.

» Ambassador of GirlsGoIT in Chisinau
» Software Engineering student
» Copywriter
» I'm passionate about business management

Since I was a child I've seen myself as a contractor or a company manager with many subordinates. This time I tried as a project manager at Garage48 Chisinau Hackaton. The start-up that I launched with my team is called The Comics and it's much more than my childhood fad.

The experience was quite excited, being the girl who had to guide 3 guys, including a designer and two back-end developers. I felt really good even though I was the only girl in the squad, the boys being persistent and calm.

I hope we'll stay working on the project together with the team and launch the sale as soon as possible.

The Comics makes personalized educational comics for kids using scientific themes. The website we created during Hackaton will allow the automatic modification of the text of the comics - the child's name, age, name of the parents, favorite animal. The automation of text-editing processes has been the biggest challenge but has brought us the winnings. In the future, we plan to access online the website, now its version is being developed and perfected.”