The results of the 5th Edition of the Summer Camp

August 6, 2019

Love it or loathe it, technology affects almost everything we do today and it also influences most of our plans for the future. Progress made in the area of communications means we can be contacted anywhere via a variety of channels.

The main goal of the GirlsGoIT program is to boost entrepreneurship and create a community for young girls so that they can acquire the digital skills needed today. 65 girls from 18 regions in Moldova participated in GirlsGoIT 5th summer STEM camp edition, which took place in Chișinău, from 19th to 28th of July 2019. The regions are: Fălești, Soroca, Bălți, Orhei, Cimișlia, Cahul, Ungheni, Telenești, Drochia, Sălcuța, Strășeni, Hîncești, Rezina, Anenii Noi, Nisporeni, Călărași, Căușeni and Chișinău. Watch the video from national TV station.

GirlsGoIT organised series of workshops with-in the10 days programme. The first workshop was Essential Skills (soft skills) on teamwork, communication, self-improvement and time-management for tech-jobs. It was organised in the first days of the camp involving 10 high-school teachers and a social training organisation.

The second workshop was about Tech Skills (hard skills), 44 participants learnt software development and improved a note-keeping web application called "Notes".

21 participants learnt 3D Printing and Electronics with Arduino and built the following projects:
- 3D photo frame with LEDs connected via wemos and controlled by the blynk mobile application (view presentation)
- Light box: A decorative device that has a transparent surface, produces light and has printed letters (view presentation)
- 3D Lamp (view presentation)
- Map of Moldova with LED (view presentation)

The third workshop is a day event on Start Your Career in Tech, hosted by Ellation, MoldData, Mixbook and the E-Governance Centre. 65 participants visited these companies and learnt about their culture or work, met their team and discussed about software projects.

As a result of the summer STEM camp program, 13 girls were selected on 1-month internship by Ellation, MoldData, E Governance Agency and Atomate to continue their tech education and get hands on corporate tech project. Watch the video.

GirlsGoIT summer STEM camp 2019 is implemented by TEKEDU and funded by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Republic of Moldova under the Lithuanian Development Cooperation and Democracy Promotion Programme. GirlsGoIT Summer STEM camp is supported by the United States Embassy in Moldova.