I would never have thought that I could choose an IT career

May 1, 2019

Hi! My name is Olga, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Căușeni district.

I participated in GirlsGoIT Spring Bootcamp and I’ve discovered a new passion - Informatics. I’ve learnt about the GirlsGoIT program from, Valentina Gritcan, GirlsGoIT Ambassador in Căușeni. Valentina motivated me to participate in this bootcamp, because it's a great experience.

At the beginning of the bootcamp I was confused, everything was new for me, but the desire to learn overcame my fears and this made me complete the training programme.

During the spring bootcamp, I learnt the basics of IT. I learnt how to work in HTML, CSS, and Milligram, I could say they are the basics of coding. The most exciting moment in this bootcamp was when each participant created his own web page. Everyone has put into practice what they have gained during three days of sessions. Now I'm confident in myself, even at Informatics lessons. To be honest I would never have thought that I could choose an IT career, but after this bootcamp I have an interest in IT, I like the field and I want to continue in this area to develop myself.

“I encourage all girls who want to know the technologies area of 21st century to participate in the GirlsGoIT program. Digital skills are indispensable today, whether you work in the STEM field or not. The fact that the exact sciences are domains for boys is a stereotype, so encouraging young girls in more activities for girls will motivate them to choose a future career in STEM.”