GirlsGoIT has given me a lot of opportunities

November 30, 2019

My name is Basoc Nicoleta-Nina, I'm 17 years old, I'm from Nisporeni and I like TECH. I'm currently a student in the 12th grade at Theoretical High School "Boris Cazacu" from Nisporeni. I like volunteering and I'm a member of a local television volunteering project in partnership with IREX Europe.

Being inspired by the GirlsGoIT team, I'm now determined to apply to the Faculty of Information Technologies of the Technical University of Moldova. At GirlsGoIT I learned about TECH, I met people who motivate me daily and now I want to become a successful programmer. As a result of participating in the Summer Camp 2019, we have opened the local club in Nisporeni and I hope we will implement as many projects as possible to promote the STEM field in the region.

GirlsGoIT gave me the opportunity to be part of the Ellation family, during the internship I developed my technical skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. After the internship, I started thinking about becoming a GirlsGoIT mentor, because I want to guide other girls towards an IT career.

The idea that girls can't do IT is just a stereotype, because it's not as difficult as it seems. Technologies are for everyone, regardless of age, gender and origin. To convince yourself of this fact, take part in many projects as GirlsGoIT 'cause here is the place where you can really know what TECH means.