"Empowering the next generation through STEM"
an event that inspired young people to choose a career in IT

February 25, 2020

They are intelligent, determined and ready to change the world with the help of modern technologies. We talk about students eager to find out what the STEM actually means and which are the new professional opportunities in IT - "Empowering the next generation through STEM".

The participants of the February 11 meeting found out what are the trends in STEM, the current statistics / jobs in IT and which are the steps that they should follow if they want a career in STEM, as more specialists are needed to enjoy the opportunities and IT projects present on the market or why not, to implement new ones.

The guests of the event were:
⋇ Paula Iliev - the young woman passionate about ecology;
⋇ Michelle Iliev - ProDidactica project manager;
⋇ Alex Leahu - mathematics teacher at Theoretical High School "Spiru Haret".

They shared their experience and encouraged young to choose the ICT field, suggesting new ideas, proposals, projects focused on exploration and professional affirmation in the IT field, such as:
⋇ Monthly informal events
⋇ Conferences dedicated to various topics
⋇ Career orientation sessions
⋇ Mentoring and exchange of experience.

"When you are passionate about something, you have the will and you want to achieve your goal, nothing can stop you from saying "YES" to a new challenge",
said Paula Iliev.
"Now there are many opportunities, there are many projects that stimulate girls to follow this field and try, because only then will they find out what IT is. About 20% of GirlsGoIT participants have chosen a career in ICT, which means that this project is successful",
said Michelle Iliev, ProDidactica project manager.
"Studying STEM forms a logical thinking, organizing your time as rationally as possible. All these things come with time, and then we realize how good and useful we are to know them”,
said Alex Leahu, a mathematics teacher at Theoretical High School" Spiru Haret".

The event was organized by TEKEDU, through the GirlsGoIT program and supported Ellation and Crunchyroll.

Who is Ellation?! It’s a dynamic tech company with Silicon Valley roots, working with new edge technologies. As part of Otter Media, a WarnerMedia company, Ellation operates at the intersection of technology and media to redefine the next wave of media interaction and consumption -- breaking down barriers to content experiences for passionate fans around the world. Ellation leads with their code-first DNA to create extraordinary products for passionate fans. They’re home of anime industry-leading brand Crunchyroll (a service that is available locally too).

The event was organized to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.