I really want to have a career in IT

January 11, 2020

Hi! My name is Cristina Tîmbur, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Nisporeni. I’m a positive, energetic person and passionate about piano, traveling and volunteering, being involved in projects such as: Promo-Lex and various activities implemented in my community.

I participated in the Summer STEM Camp 2019 and in the Autumn Boootcamp 2019. Hearing the experiences of the girls and the opportunities offered by this project, I was curious and interested to apply. GirlsGoIT is a unique program, and during the camp I improved my digital skills and made new friends. I was surrounded by real professionals in the field and from each one I learned something. Thanks to this project I understand that IT is not just about computers, but about communication, people and product development.

The participants, mentors, organizers I met during the program and other events organized by GirlsGoIT, confirm that talent and performance doesn’t take into account gender and that in TECH you can affirm, grow personally and professionally. Every time, IT professionals are impressed by their willingness to work, learn, grow, but also by their firm intention to help others move forward, to succeed.

As a result of participating in the camp and bootcamp, I want to become a trainer, because I like to write code and I want to learn the girls to write code perfectly. This program is unique through its people and a friendly atmosphere, which is why I want to get involved in its development and promotion in the regions of Moldova.

Through projects such as GirlsGoIT, girls have the chance to find themselves in a very interesting field that will allow them financial independence and the possibility to perform professionally. Girls, pursue a career in TECH, despite all the stereotypes, because Tech is a place for everyone, it just requires work and the desire to learn permanently.