GirlsGoIT is hosting a social event
“Empowering the next generation through STEM”

January 29, 2020

GirlsGoIT is hosting a social event for young people “Empowering the next generation through STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths)”. The event will host young speakers from diverse professional backgrounds, who have started their career in STEM related fields as an employee for tech companies or started a business or social project.

The social event is intended for the community of young people, who are interested to network and meet new people, learn about latest trends in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths), career and education opportunities.

Event details:
Date: February 11, 2020
Venue: Tucano Coffee Brasil
Time: 6pm

We kindly ask you to register for the event. By registering, we are able to get your feedback about the social event, share photos and keep you informed about our upcoming social events.

The social event is organised by TEKEDU, through GirlsGoIT programme and supported by Ellation and Crunchyroll.

Who is Ellation?! It’s a dynamic tech company with Silicon Valley roots, working with new edge technologies. As part of Otter Media, a WarnerMedia company, Ellation operates at the intersection of technology and media to redefine the next wave of media interaction and consumption -- breaking down barriers to content experiences for passionate fans around the world. Ellation leads with their code-first DNA to create extraordinary products for passionate fans. They’re home of anime industry-leading brand Crunchyroll (a service that is available locally too).

The social event is organised to mark the global event on International Day of Women and Girls in Science.