GirlsGoIT invites girls to get started in technology at a new Summer Camp - Digital Edition!

June 25, 2020

Progress made in the area of communications means we can be contacted anywhere via a variety of channels and the main goal of the GirlsGoIT program is to boost entrepreneurship and create a community for young girls so that they can acquire the digital skills needed today.

GirlsGoIT announces a new edition of the Summer Camp online (Digital Edition) and invites you to participate in it, to get started in the field of technology.

The summer camp will take place between July 15 - August 16, all sessions being delivered online and will be based on:
⋇ Studying a field between: Frontend Development, Data Science or 3D Printing;
⋇ Development of a product;
⋇ Development of a website or web application;
⋇ Personal development.

By participating, you will:
⋇ Learn about programming and how to choose your career in IT;
⋇ Meet other girls, interested in Modern Technologies;
⋇ Meet IT specialists;
⋇ Networking with new people, involved in the civic and corporate sector in our country, as well as internationally.

The Summer Camp can be attended by:
⋇ girls between the ages of 14 and 20;
⋇ girls who know English at least at a beginner level;
⋇ girls who have at least a basic knowledge of using a computer.

Complete the form and apply for the Summer Camp.

For further information you can follow the official pages of the program:
⋇ Website:
⋇ Facebook: GirlsGoIT
⋇ Twitter: GirlsGoIT