VET-Empowering Women strategy

SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

5 teachers from colleges, polytechnics and professionals from the VET schools in Balti, Cahul and Chisinau, together with the representative of the Ministry of Education (Professional Studies Department) came together in the office of UN Women to discuss challenges facing VET schools and why it is not attractive for young people.

The teachers identified that VET schools are not attractive for young people and not a priority as a choice of school.

Further agreement with the teachers has been made to visit selected VET schools in the regions and meet more teachers and students in identifying concrete ideas in making VET schools more attractive to young people and especially girls.

VET-Empowering Women strategy is part of the Education pillar of the 2020 ambition for the 4E strategy (Education, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Equality) for young women access in and through technology. The VET-empowering women strategy will join the coalition with the existing platform of the Ministry of Education “National Portal of Technical Vocational Education” which is supported by EU project “Technical Assistance for the Technical Vocational Education in the Republic of Moldova.

The meeting was organised with the support of the Ministry of Education (Professional Studies Department).