Introduction to Software Development

Our 4-week training programme in the regions of Moldova teaches introduction to HTML, CSS & JavaScript to girls between the ages of 14 to 20

Participants Web Projects As a result of the spring bootcamp training program in 8 regions in Moldova, participants learnt HTML, CSS and JavaScript and built their first web application. Find web projects developed by participants according to GirlsGoIT in the regions.

GirlsGoIT in Causeni

  1. Green Peace | Save the Planet {link}

GirlsGoIT in Straseni

  1. Alexandra | Books&Books {link}
  2. Cristina {link}
  3. Elena {link}
  4. Madalina | AIR Moldova {link}
  5. Marta's Blog {link}
  6. Nicoleta {link}

The spring bootcamp is supported by our partners and our contributors on Indiegogo and #codewăy conference