GGIT ambassadors contributed to Alumni development initiative

Ambassadors of GirlsGoIT contributed to the development of Alumni Initiative

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Since the programme launched in 2015, our member base keeps growing, a minimum of 240 girls graduates GirlsGoIT non-formal education yearly. These graduates are currently or about advancing their education in higher institutions and careers in IT. 

With the aim to start the Alumni Association, a design thinking workshop was organised with ambassadors to contribute/suggest ideas for the development of alumni association. The design thinking workshop has 3 focus areas:

  • Alumni for Alumni
    Who is an alumni of GGIT, What values should an alumni have/possess 
  • Alumni for GirlsGoIT community
    How can alumni contribute to GirlsGoIT activities
  • Alumni for girls/women in Moldova
    What can alumni do to encourage more girls in IT

 Ambassadors responded by writing their suggestions on a sticky note and post it on the affinity diagram

Who is an alumni of GGIT? 

"A person who finishes GirlsGoIT program but is still a part of the community

"An alumni should be sympathetic, open-minded, to like their domain and to inspire people

"A person who graduated from every course that GirlsGoIT offers and or graduated from university either here in Moldova or abroad

Alumni for GGIT community

"Talking about their experiences during GirlsGoIT events. Alumni should motivate those who want to be part of the team

"Organise GirlsGoIT podcast with guest from IT fields e.g. female CEOs etc

"Alumni that have acquired technical or soft skills can train GirlsGoIT participants through workshops in bootcamps where they teach the basics of their field and give an idea of what that field is and how it works

Alumni for girls & women in Moldova

"Alumni that have become successful in their field can be interviewed by other GGIT alumni so that they can share their academic and professional history to anyone that is curious or has an interest in IT 

"To make meetings in regions with girls/women, to give experience exchange

"Being role models and encouraging girls to follow their dreams. Being a speaker and sharing stories and experiences

Giving the aim to start GGIT alumni association and ideas generated at the design thinking workshop. GGIT Alumni Association will be formed based on these objectives:

  • Form Alumni interest group and member base and the association’s key point of contact. Obtain geographical listing of graduated participants of GirlsGoIT and create a database of alumni. Develop association’s bylaws.
  • Create an inclusive alumni association outreach activities visible and reachable to members of association, ggit community members, girls and women, parents and teachers. Organise events connects alumni locally, globally and virtually

Prior to the design thinking workshop, we conducted a competitive benchmarking to learn what other use-cases (alumni programs) are doing to emulate. Conventions fitting for alumni initiative development

Download the Alumni Association development workshop organised at GirlsGoIT ambassadors meeting in October

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